Best budget integrated choices

I had a Sugden A21 some years ago but it died an unfortunate death.

I am looking for a budget (defined as as cheap as possible) integrated to power my LS3/5a V2 (a little easier to drive than the original) to not loud levels.

I worked myself into a tizzy of joy reading reviews of the Onkyo A-9010 Integrated Stereo Amplifier to only find out that the UK version is the one voiced (if I can say that) with a nice warm presentation.  I am a tube guy at heart but appreciate a warm SS amp.

What else should I be looking at.  I am a but apprehensive on used SS after mine died.

I have had a Rogue Cronus Mag.II (100 W per side integrated tube amp with a decent phono stage) for the past several months, running my Maggie 1.7s. Have auditioned it against the Primaluna Dialogue HP and other much more pricy tube and ss amps. Dollar for dollar I wouldn't trade it for anything else I've listened to. It can be found used for around $1,800.00 - $2,000.00. Maybe a bit more than considering, but well worth the investment and made in the USA.
Also - I have never compared the Jolida 1501 RC mentioned by fortheloveofgod, but I've heard some good things.
Just my 2 cents - Good Luck Jim
I've owned an NAD356BEE for 3 yrs without problems. -Bullet proof, nice remote, lots of SE inputs, powers my old Vandy 2CE's without strain in my L/R system and cheap. -Doubt you want MC phono inputs, but available as an add on. Earned a product of the year award from one of the rags. What's more to want? Spend the extra $ on decent wire.
Audionuttz, so good to hear from you!  It’s been a long while.  For me more about 2 kids ago :)

Those rosewood speakers sold me on the sound and each time I get an opportunity to listed to mine it puts a smile on my face.   I am sure your new setup is fantastic.  I still have a Sudden CD player that I was sure would die before my Sugden integrated.

I am returning to this audio none sense and look forward to getting my gear this year.
I bought an old Rotel 985 BX integrated on ebay for $300 delivered, its from the early 2000's, to my surprise it sounds very good for the money, way better than my late model Denon A/V receiver. Seems like there are plenty of 10 year old Rotel integrateds out there for bargain prices on ebay/Agon.
Jump on the red wine audio signature 30.2 LFP-V listed for $500 right now on Audiogon, great price for an outstanding amp designed and built in the US by Vinnie Rossi. Those 30W drove my 88db Gallos no problem, has a tube for some tube rolling fun too!