Best budget streamer on the market now?

I know there have been lots of threads around this subject but the market moves forward very quickly on this tech so....

Using Google Chromecast Audio right now for my two older systems and while I do not have a problem with the units themselves the control app, BubbleupNp leaves something to be desired constantly crashing on my android phone.
Now maybe someone knows of a better more stable app for starters?

Failing that all I need is the ability to connect wirelessly to my home network ( has to be able to connect to Qobuz!) and be able to send an analog out signal via stereo rca ( my older system integrateds do not have any other options).
No other features required.

Thank you.
You are correct in that I already KNOW that there is nothing at that price to compare at all.
Just wish there was a better control app solution.

Do not mind used at all but would LOVE to stay under $300.
Probably not an option.....
I am certainly in no hurry and yes a quick ebay search reveals a few node2 at or under $300.

As a longtime Vault user I have no qualms about the Bluos app and know it is fairly stable.
Was just curious if anybody have reinvented the wheel at the cheap end of the spectrum, maybe not it seems.
At the $50 price point the Klipsch Gate is tough to beat. Sounds more natural than the Node 2i IMHO.