Best budget streamer on the market now?

I know there have been lots of threads around this subject but the market moves forward very quickly on this tech so....

Using Google Chromecast Audio right now for my two older systems and while I do not have a problem with the units themselves the control app, BubbleupNp leaves something to be desired constantly crashing on my android phone.
Now maybe someone knows of a better more stable app for starters?

Failing that all I need is the ability to connect wirelessly to my home network ( has to be able to connect to Qobuz!) and be able to send an analog out signal via stereo rca ( my older system integrateds do not have any other options).
No other features required.

Thank you.
Uberwaltz, I have the Yamaha WXA50 in my secondary system.  It works well as a streamer, but the DAC SQ isn't very impressive. If SQ means anything, I'd avoid that series.
On a Google Nexus6P w/ Android 8.x the BubbleUPnP app has been rock-stable for me for nearly two years - can’t remember a single crash. Check that you’re on latest Android version compatible with your phone. If it’s a carrier-subsidized unit you may be running into some incompatibility bet. BubbleUPnP and the carrier/manufacturer-hacked version of Android or their bloat-ware.

Like cal3713 said, email the BubbleUPnP developer - he’s responsive and cares.
Cambridge CXN V2 is on sale at Music Direct $725 until they are gone.  I ordered on yesterday.
I think the CXN was a great choice at it's original price. It's an easy choice at the sale price.