Best building material for vibration free shelving

I am building some built into the wall shelves for my VPI Classic 2 SE turntable, amp, preamp, CD player, and old Burwen TNE 7000A transient noise eliminator (that’s one for you old-timers to remember), as well as my DISH Network receiver box. The shelves must match in appearance the typical looking built-in wood bookshelves already in the room. The shelves will be located directly under my 45" wide flat screen television. They will be wide enough to hold two components side by side, other than the VPI turntable which will have the top shelve to itself due to its extra width. I will be building the shelves high and deep to allow for plenty of air circulation around the components. They will be painted.

My question is, what materials might you suggest building the shelves with to minimize vibration? If they were for books I’d normally build the sides, and top out of 3/4" birch sided plywood, the back out of 1/4 inch luan plywood, and the shelves out of oak to deal with the weight of the books without bending. I will be adding vibration damping feet under each component and am not looking for suggestions along those lines, only material and perhaps design recommendations to reduce vibration.

I was researching this last night online and on site, and saw recommendations to use four thicknesses of 3/4 inch High Density (HD) MDF, also to use granite or marble under the turntable, among other recommendations. I was wondering how birch veneered plywood would work too, as it’s ply’s, I believe, have their grains running in opposite directions. Maybe there’s some way to isolate the uprights from the horizontal shelves to reduce vibration transmission.

What would you think would work best for these built-ins. I’d appreciate any recommendations you have or your experience on this subject. Thank you for any ideas.


As far as reducing micro vibration is concerned, I've had good results with corian on my steel sand filled rack, using the half dome soft iso (I believe) disks between them. It looks very nice as well, but doesn't look like wood. The shelves themselves are only 13 X 16. Not sure how well it would work at 45 inches.  
I have 2 maple platforms that need refinishing, I used one for my Scout and the other for my Prime.  The larger is 22 by 18 by 3 inches thick of air dried maple.  The smaller one is 18 by 15 by 2 inches thick of air dried maple.  I painted them black but they look crummy.  Need to be sanded and repainted.   If someone wants to drive up to me, they can have them. I will NOT ship them. Send me a PM
I agree with stereo5, solid maple is an excellent turntable platform, the thicker the better.
as weird as it sounds, I cut drywall squares and secured them with sticky wood veneer.
the best anti-vibration solution.