Best Cables for around $500

I have upgraded to a W4S STI500 and DAC2 along with my Magnepan 1.7s and I am looking for the best cable to connect my W4S DAC2 to my W4S STI500 at or around $500. Would like to hear all thoughts, especially those with W4S equipment. I am looking for XLR Balanced only.

Some cables that I am currently considering:
1. Morrow SP4 at $519 or Morrow MA5 at $790 (I have some existing Morrow cables I would use for trade in)
2. Antipodes Komako $550
3. Wyred 4 Sound C1 Ultra Analog XLR for $119
4. MAC Palladium XLR $539
5. Acoustic Zen Silver Reference XLR $599.00 (sale from $998)
6. Audioquest Columbia XLR $495
7. Cardas Neutral Reference XLR $628

My goal is best reproduction of classical and acoustic music.
Ronwills: IMO "Best" threads rarely result in anything other than a host of people suggesting that you use what they have. There is no definitive "best" answer.

You have been looking at some very good cable selections yourself (1-7) so I'm thinking that whenever possible you should demo your selections personally and see what fits best with your system.

Hope you find the cable that really "does it" for your set-up.
I second the excellent comments by Puerto. I would suggest in addition, given that you will be using a balanced connection, and that your W4S DAC2 has a fairly low output impedance, that you compare whichever $500 cable you choose to audition with Mogami Gold Studio, available here in a 3 foot length, or here in a 6 foot length. I think there is a fair chance that you will be pleasantly surprised, and that you may wind up saving yourself more than $400.

-- Al
For what it is worth; This is how I would look at it:
If you want to add some "warmth" to the sound of your system consider the Cardas Neutral Reference and if you want improved clarity or detail than try the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference. Both are respected names and can be sold without too much loss.