Best cables for Luxman

I own a Luxman M-600a series amp, C-600f preamp, D-06u CD player, Clearaudio Ovation with Tracer arm turntable, Kiseki Purpleheart cartridge, Shunyata Denali power conditioner with Alpha NR cable. B&W 802 series 3 speakers. Interconnect cables are Analysis Plus Silver, speaker cables Big Silver. I'd like to improve the heights. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


which interconnect woul you recommend to replace my stealth indra V10 xlr?


I've got

Luxman CD08u
stealth indra V10 xlr
preamp C900u
nordost valhalla 2 xlr
amp M900u class A

stealth indra V10 xlr is veary good (very refined listening, details, beautiful soundstage , but I want more body, more beautifull timbres/tones, details, soundstage more of everything.... 

i prefer used cables: less expensive , already brohen_in.

thank you

Thank you all for your comments. Much time as gone by and I've done some updating. My new amp is Luxman M600u. New speakers are Focal Sopra 2. Power conditioner Shunyata Denali V2. Speaker cables Shunyata Sigma V1 (they were dealer's demos) All interconnects are Shunyata Sigma V2. Besides the Ovation/Kiseki Purpleheart, which is now connected to a Whest PS40 RDT SE, I've added a Rega P10 with Koetsu Black. I've also added room treatments. My system is not perfect, but it is getting better.