Best Cables/Jumpers for Supertweeters

Hello, I bought a pair of Onix STs a few weeks ago, and they come with some basic stock cables. What would be the ideal type of cable for connecting supertweeters to the speakers? Silver, Copper, a mixture? Any other cable specifications to pay attention?

Any suggestions?

You did not mention price. Under $300 I would say Clear Day Silver Shotguns- at $500, Clear Day Double Silver Shotguns. I just moved up from Shotuns to Double shotguns and am blow away. One pair is on my Magnepan 3.5R ribbons, the other on the bass panels
Thanks for the tip Tweak 1! Very helpful. I just e-mailed Paul. The silver shotguns will probably be within my price range at 5 ft. I was thinking silver myself, but was not sure. All I knew was that the stock cables were not the best. I use Chord Odyssey for the regular speaker amp connection. They are very satisfying.
I use Paul Speltz's anti-cables. He even put in the caps that I requested. First class service and a first class product.