Best Cartridge for technics sl1200mk2

Guys I bought this turntable a few years ago with all the KAB upgrades but never set it up- So couple of questions- How good a table is it and what cart. should I get to match it- thanks gary
Doesn't the Zu Audio modded Denon 103 cart require a totally different tonearm to be mounted on a Technics 1200 series TT in order to get the best sq out of it? That was the impression I got when looking at the Zu Audio Denon years ago.

Also Thanks Johnnyb53 for the heads up on the KAB tonearm wire. I'm going to add it onto my list of potential mods to be done to my 1200.
I believe that I spent some time with the Zu 103 on the Sumiko headshell on the Technics tonearm. I then put the SME 309 arm on with the Zu and it was a very noticeable jump up. I'm now playing around with a Rega arm.
Mine has been on loan for so long I may never see it again. The upside is a good friend is back into vinyl.

I began with an Audio Technica, not sure of the model. It tracked right over Telarc 1812 cannon shots like an F1 run off. The Shure V15 Type three with the brush down tracked a new Telarc perfectly and had a more of everything else.

The SL 1200 is a good deck but I found that arm simply industrial. This was followed by a very used SP 10 with an Ortofon arm and cartridge. The improvement was so substantial that I hopped on the merry-go-round.
A slight correction: The Shure V15III never had a brush, only [in the V15 series] the V15IV and V]. I presume the 1812 version is the notorius Telarc, right,M-db?