Best cartridge for VPI Scoutmaster Signature

I listened to this turntable today with a Clearaudio cartridge (not sure which one). It sounded fantastic, but I'd like to hear other options.

I like a lot of detail, a deep and tall soundstage, well defined bass... you know, the nirvana we're all looking for.

This will likely be paired with B&W PM1's, a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium KT88, Simaudio 310LP Phono Stage and Nordost Blue Heaven interconnects.

I mostly listen to classic rock (Floyd, Grateful Dead, Led Zepplin, Dylan, Tom Petty), New Wave (The Cure), indie rock (Boo Radleys, James, Modest Mouse), Shoegaze (Slowdive), and jazz (Mingus, Parker, Coltrane). Obviously I'm naming bands more people here would know, but my taste gets eclectic after these jumping off points.

Any specific cartridges that do well for all of this?
I'm also running a Dynavector XX-2 mk II with my Scoutmaster with very good results. Dynavector and Lyra always seem to get the most recommendations with VPI tables.
Dynavector for the win at this point. Not a scoutmaster but am using Dyna XX-2mkII with a VPI Aries II Black Knight. Synergy galore. Can't wait to wear out this cart and go up the Dyna line for more of the same.
Another vote for the XX2mk2. I have used this wonderful cart for the last couple years on my VPI Classic 1 with great results. I listen to much of the same music you do, it works great with rock, jazz, really anything. It is very low output and needs a good deal of gain to come alive. I load at 100 ohms on my Pass XP15. Works great on a VPI arm. Good luck!
I've been getting really nice tunes from the Grado Statement 1 on my SSM Reference. It's really low output makes it problematic for a lot of phono stages, but your SIM will be up it without need of an SUT. I run mine to a MC-only Thor phono preamp @47k ohms and, like famous Beethoven fan Alex in Clockwork Orange, hear Angel trumpets and devil trombones!