Best CCR album?

I like Creedence but don't have an lp in my collection. Any recommedations on the one and only album to have?
I agree with the above, but all of their albums (or the first four anyway) are good. John Fogerty was a pretty strong songwriter at that time. You probably won't be too disappointed with any of them (if you like their sound, that is).
Overall, prefer Green River. It has a darker, moodier feel to it. It does not contain Suzy Q, that is on CCR's first album (sorry, Twl).
If you want a good beginning CCR album, I would go with Willy and the Poor Boys. I love Fortunate Son.
Hope this helps.
Sorry. Well, whatever album it's on, "Suzy Q" is a must have. And so is "Fortunate Son" too.