Best CD I've heard so far 2011.........

Sarah Jarosz/Song Up In Her Head
Like a breath of fresh air, just great!
Oh, I just added Hank III "Cattle Callin" after hearing it on Sirius satelite radio. An electronic eclectic sound in the background of a cattle auctioneer - very unusual. One reviewer on Amazon said he would like to see a group of druggies on LSD locked in a room with that mucic playing very loudly.
You can listen to the new Wilco album for free (legally) at NPR Music First listen.

Obrown - It's very hard to comment, a very subjective topic. I can only say for myself, I listen primarily to newer music with the exception of jazz and classical where I tend to prefer older material (50's + 60's). Those records you have in your cart are quite far from the artists you listed so it's hard to say if they will fall within your taste. I don't know if you enjoy electronic music but James Blake is VERY far from Joplin, Cocker and Redding so that one you may want to sample first. Again, it's so subjective but I think he is brilliant, just not too much like artists from our youth (I'll be 50 in May).

Maybe getting a little off topic but I do not really enjoy older rock/pop music. Classic rock, all the stuff I listened to as a young guy, most of it bores the hell out of me. If I had to listen to DSOM or Eric Clapton one more time I think I'd crack ( a few exceptions...Dylan, Joni, Laurie Anderson among them. Still in heavy rotation and always will I'd bet). I was just talking to another friend from this site about how we used to spend hours, days really, digging through bins at the record store looking for interesting music. It's how I'd spend my Saturday and Sunday afternoons...searching, learning, discovering that next hidden musical gem. I knew way too much about music. Always had stack of strange records piled all over my room and went to a ton of shows. I'm kinda the same way now and find that there is much more interesting music being made today then there was on our day. Prolly because of the internet and how the industry has changed...artists can now produce and distribute their own stuff from their couch so gifted, creative talent that would have gone unnoticed before is accessible today. I could go on and on about the evolution of musical art, the how's and why's as well as the results. Anyway, kinda rambling now but I guess I'm trying to say have fun with your quest and there is gold in them there hills!