Best CD I've heard so far 2011.........

Sarah Jarosz/Song Up In Her Head
Like a breath of fresh air, just great!
Calexico's 2011 "Selections from a Road Atlas" is sounding very promising the from samples I heard.
I think some of these bands / groups, spend as much time picking a catchy name for the CD / LP and the cover photo, as they do on the music itself. Another reason CD sales are down.

Are you suggesting the title and marketing image a band chooses for an album are not important and or inconsequential?

... Or are you just saying there are a lot of mediocre bands?
Richard Stacy, if you havent already, listen to The Audreys. Try their album 'When the Flood Comes'. Based on your posts I reckon you might like it. Could be wrong of course :)
Mike60...I have that along with another of the Audrey's albums. Very cool band. Apparently they are pretty popular in Australia but don't get much play in the US. I learned of them through Radio Paradise and ironically love the song Paradise City. Cool video here

Gotta add .... their singer is a sexy thing.