Best CD I've heard so far 2011.........

Sarah Jarosz/Song Up In Her Head
Like a breath of fresh air, just great!
I think some of these bands / groups, spend as much time picking a catchy name for the CD / LP and the cover photo, as they do on the music itself. Another reason CD sales are down.

Are you suggesting the title and marketing image a band chooses for an album are not important and or inconsequential?

... Or are you just saying there are a lot of mediocre bands?
Richard Stacy, if you havent already, listen to The Audreys. Try their album 'When the Flood Comes'. Based on your posts I reckon you might like it. Could be wrong of course :)
Mike60...I have that along with another of the Audrey's albums. Very cool band. Apparently they are pretty popular in Australia but don't get much play in the US. I learned of them through Radio Paradise and ironically love the song Paradise City. Cool video here

Gotta add .... their singer is a sexy thing.
That Bill Callahan was pretty wonderful. "Disturbing the Air," the latest from Azita Youssefi (on Drag City) also knocked me out. But be careful, because Azita will take you on a lot of strange trips that might or might not include Bride of No No, and Scissor Girls.