Best CD player from this list

Hi all,

Question 1: Which is the best sounding CD player from this list:

1. Cambridge 840c

2. Cambridge 851c

3. Ayre CX-7e MP

4. Bryston BCD-1

5. Meridian 508.24

6. Rotel RCD-1572

Question 2: Which player in this list will sound best with a Levinson 383 integrated and Revel F30 speakers?  I would be using XLR connections. My cabling is Harmonic Tech pro 9 reference biwire speaker cables and pro silway II interconnects. I can swap out interconnects if there is a better match. Power cables are Audience Powerchord for both amp and cdp. I’m not looking to go with separate dac and transport as that adds more cost for additional cables, etc. My musical tastes are primarily pop, rock, electronic. 

Thanks for the feedback!



+1 on the Simaudio... I have a Moon "Nova" and it’s so good it replaced my Linn, Ikemi. Twin internal Burr Brown DACs - truly a magical piece. Not sure your budget but pre-owned maybe around $7-$800+/-. I’d search out a good used one. Just my opinion. GL!

I have a Cambridge 851C  cd player and really like it, but I could also see the Ayre or Bryston being just as good or better.

Have you considered the Marantz SA-K1 Ruby? Great sound with both CD and SACD. Very well built to boot.

I just retired my Meridian 508.24 and I think the sound quality still holds up pretty well today. However, that model is nearly 25 years old and I wouldn't recommend buying one unless you were able to get it dirt cheap.  I doubt you can get parts to keep it running.