Best CD player money can buy ? MBL, Nagra, Naim?

I onws a CDSE se and DC2 se, but I as I don´t have not one SACD disc, I want to buy one only CD player, I has heard Naim 555, very very good, also the same for MBL, but not heard new Nagra, and it seems that the Reimyo is not made more. I will be pleased to know which are your options if money is not object. Also I heard tha Horch from Germany is very good, but it´s imposible to hear. Thanks
711smilin, lots of luck. I use to say this, but now know that this is lifetime affliction.
Newly; just there something about the EMM Labs SE gear that causes you to want something different? i understand the desire to have the best and am not being critical.

i've owned the CDSD SE and DAC6 SE for the last year or so and i have been very happy. i have found that every system tweak brings more and more detail and musical energy from the SE gear. particularly recently a few power grid tweaks really dramatized the advantage of SACD over redbook.

i have not heard every new piece of gear out there but my guess is that at the level of difference we are speaking here most of the stuff already mentioned above would be choosen based on system and taste context. digital gear with tubed outputs is typically at a disadvantage in an already neutral and natural system. ss output gear is many times at a disadvantage in a 'challenged' rooms and setups. then one's musical reference comes into the picture.

there are many excellent digital least get some SACD's and enjoy what they bring before you go redbook only.

just my 2 cents.