Best CD player now made.

I am interested in getting the best CD player out there as one of my digital sources. I have a few candidates but I wanted some other opinions. Any suggestions on the Sony's top player or Mark Levinson, or even the BAT tubed affair. I realise the Transport and the DAC might be superior but I wanted to stay below 5 digits. Thanks,
I was worried about that "throwing away bits" problem with digital volume too. But the Wadia can be adjusted to match the sensitivity of you speakers so that you use it in the upper half of the volume range where you dont lose any of the music. I heard the Lev39 and its a very nice piece too, but its s a $1000 more than the Wadia and Wadia matches (looks) more with my Krell FPB amp (both wife factors I might add) so I went with the Wadia.
I own a BAT cd player, and have subsequently auditioned a number of transport/dac combos - Levinson comes to mind. Also, the Muse just released combo that doubles for DVD/Audio and Home Theater.The BAT was soooo much more musical. I can't imagine anyone regretting the purchase. I audition just to see if there is something out there that pleases these ears better than the BAT. Have not heard it yet.
I had a sony xa7es & sold it after I heard,in my house,the meridian 508.20. I then sold the 508.20 when I heard,in my house,the 508.24!!!!!!!!!! Nothing even comes close!!!!!!!!!
I agree there is no "best". All the products mentioned are fine indeed. A unit in the same league at sub-$2500 pricing is the Enlightened Audio Designs Ultradisc 2000. Perhaps not quite as "sweet" as the Linn, but not off by much! Build quality sets standards.
I am surprized that no one has yet mentioned the Accuphase products. Their prices are right up there by the stratosphere. To you guys that heard the DP55, 65 or 75, well.... are they that good ? Or have they passed the point of diminishing returns - if you know what I mean. Thanks