Best CD player now made.

I am interested in getting the best CD player out there as one of my digital sources. I have a few candidates but I wanted some other opinions. Any suggestions on the Sony's top player or Mark Levinson, or even the BAT tubed affair. I realise the Transport and the DAC might be superior but I wanted to stay below 5 digits. Thanks,
Contradictory to Sorlowski findings, I have listened to the Arcam Alpha 7, owned the Alpha 8 before upgrading to the Sony XA7ES. The XA7ES made the Arcam sounded uninvolving and less dynamic.

I always had the impression that Arcam gears are polite-sounding since the Alpha range. Maybe their new iterations have improved but I believe their sound signature would still be typical Arcam- refined and polite.
Try the new Chord Red Reference. I have the Blu/Dac which is truly amazing, but this will blow your socks $ 30,000 it should do too.
TRL/Sony DVP-NS900V SACD/CDP CD Player !

I replaced my Zanden DAC /Oracle Transport combo.... and haven't looked back! So unless you really want to spend the big bucks,and stroke your ego? I can't think of a better sound under the $20K mark
A modded Shanling from parts connexion is the best Ive heard. Yes I heard top of the line Linn 3 years ago. I could tell it was a CD player. Brassy. I had new tubes and an extensive mod done and it is very smooth. I have a Acoustic Signiture TT with a Graham 2.2, Benz L2 and a Acoustec PH1-P. The Shanling beats or equals 3 out of 5. Its a keeper. And to all those vinylphiles, I did set the TT up right. Dont get me wrong. I love vinyl and this is the CD player I can live with.