Best Cd Player under $100,000

opinions are appreciated. new or used, looking for a cd player that won't break the bank (unless you're not a multi, multi millionaire)
But if you take James's suggestion and get the personal AM/FM CDHeadset for $19.92, may I by all means recommend the Loony Tunes Bugs Bunny Headcase Cd holder for the additional $11.00. Dont forget the batteries!!

Is it really worth spending an extra $11, which translates to a whopping 55% price increase even if you are saving $99,969.08?

Come one, I didn't think Bugs was THAT sexy. Even in drag!
Wonderful semantics in this question. I am not a multi millionaire but looking forward to buying a $100K CD player because I'm not one.

I second the Walmart suggestion and would pray that there is a rebate.

Open box would be ideal.

(and I have a bridge in NYC for sale)