best cd's to impress your friends with..

..Maggies 1.6qr? Any suggestions? Thanks again. this is my second thread in Audiogon.
Roger Waters- Amused to death, when your system is dialed in you can literaly get about 240 degree soundfield, it's uncanny in a dark room. I have impressed and scared the heck out of people with this.
I'll bet you have Bryceeboy with those big Atmasphere's and Sound Labs. Wouldn't mind getting a dose of that myself.
Oahuan, great choice on the Tomita. For the record (no pun intended), the correct title is "Snowflakes Are Dancing". I have had this album for almost 27 years. I always smile when I hear it. I have it as an RCA Red Seal and the catalog number is ARL1-0488. If you locate the vinyl buy it!

Sara Mclachlan...sufacing.........especially Angel (track
7) is unbelievable when it comes to vocals. Hard to beat.
Audioguy, have you heard "angel" on the Mirrorball album? It's Sarah M. live. I have both albums and I find the Mirrorball version much more passionate. I think she put alot more heart into it when singing in front of a live audience.