i'ld like to know your experience: please indicate two CDT: your prefer and wich one you have comparated with (also integrated cd player but only use as transport)

let's go:


I'm a very long-term vinyl user, who is now having experiences with Digital as a source in my audio system.

For many years, I could not get along with the impact of the sonic being created from using CD as a Source. This is an evaluation resulting from my attending a limited amount of demo's of a CD Source used in unfamiliar systems, and a recollection of the outcome from the demo' had on myself. 

Today that has changed, I use a Bespoke produced DAC fed by a Perfect Wave Audio CDT.

This combination, introduced as a second Source within my audio system, which has found itself at a place of Parity in relationship to how much it is enjoyed, when it is in use alongside the Vinyl Source.

There has been plenty of same Album A/B comparison to confirm that both Sources are equally enjoyed for the presentation of the produced sound.

I have wondered in the past if there is more to be offered, if a exchange CDT is used. 




Best hands down Pro-Ject Audio

Then Audiomeca Mephisto II

Next Metronome T1A & AL2 CD Transport & Power Supply

Then CEC TL-2

This is an impressive list of very high quality excellent CD transports. Could not go wrong with anyone of these. I can report that based upon direct listening experience the Pro-Ject Audio RS2T sound quality/music reproduction  is outstanding!

Granted its cost is more than many other transports mentioned thus far within this tread. Due to the superb performance it yields, the price is very reasonable and fair.