Best Cheap Amps for Magneplanar Speakers

I want to drive some medium sized to large Maggies (1.7 or 3.7) with the cheapest possible amps that will still let them sound great.

I prefer monoblocks and by 'cheap' I mean a kilobuck or so, tho less would be fine too.  I do NOT want to spend 4 thou...
There is a couple discussions here on AG, that described the
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II Integrated Amp Combined with the MMG's sounding very good. I would think this would apply to the 1.7.
I think this is within your budget ($2,400.00 New) plus the pre is integrated. There's a fellow member by the name of mapman who wrote hearing this system. You could PM him to see if he could provide further info.   
Hi frog man,
Overwhelmingly high powered SS  amplifiers are suggested for driving Maggies.  I happen to agree with your recommendation if the objective is a more natural and realistic instrument/vocal tone. You've provided very good advice. 
I have a Marantz PM8004 (stereo integrated) with my SMGa's and it has terrific dynamic range, beautiful tone and powerful, defined bass.

It seems to be a perfect match...
You need the most watts you can (Maggies like power) get but luckily current does not matter so amp need not be huge and heavy. I found Carver m4.0t amp did quite well. Carver amps in general should provide great value for running Maggies if in good operating condition still. For something newer I’d look to some thing like Class D Audio amps perhaps. Or if higher SPL not needed a 60-80 watt tube amp like say Rogue is reasonably affordable and will also work well but with more  limited SPL .
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