Best cheap speaker cables............again

Hello all,
I will apologize in advance for asking this question as it is probably one of the most discussed topics
I am looking for some recommendations for a good single wire speaker cable. I am driving a pair of Vienna Haydn's with a pair of Cary tube mono blocks. My old speakers were bi wired and the Haydn's are not. I can't re terminate my current cables so I'm looking at some new wires. Budget under $300.00 and the runs are about 7 feet long. My initial thoughts have been Morrow, signal cable, AQ type 4, zu mission for new cables, but I am certainly not against buying used.

I would suggest Grover Huffman cables. Look up the reviews. I have tried some very pricey stuff and settled with the Grovers.
Hey Skip, would be most helpful to know what cables you have now and what you'd like to improve and/or what aspects of sound are most important to you.
Based on my experience I would suggest Mapleshade Golden Helix, or Morrow SP-2. Both have good tone and sparkle. The Mapleshade is more brightly lit and foward, and with better bass definition and drive. The Morrow is slightly laid back allowing one to hear deeper into the music and arrangements and more forgiving of poor recordings.
I've been an MIT man for years and year. I've recently heard AQ with a ton of systems and all different price levels. All have impressed me by low noise and what they don't add or lose. Most neutral cables I've ever heard and I've heard most of them over the years.