Best Cheap Speakers - New or Old

Sure if money is no object there are many speakers that we all "drool for". But having said that, there something to be said for a good "cheap" (less than $500 a pair MSRP) speakers. Granted they're not going to be in anybody's main system (probably they'll be found in somebody's bedroom, office, garage system, usually with some older vintage components driving them). But nevertheless, they deliver decent performance at a resonable price and they're honest in what they do. Not "state of the art" by a large margin, but still good "musical" friends. My choice is an old pair of Boston Acoustics A-60s, that I bought back in the late '80s for probably $200 a pair. Granted there are tons of better speakers out there, but for what they do, and age they are, and the money I paid, they still deliver some pretty damn good sound and performance. Anyway, curious on what others may think and what "cheap" speakers have held a "soft spot" in their "sonic" hearts?
Canton Fonum 601's in the mid 90s were great speakers.
They listed for 1000 and probably will go for 400 used today.
Usher S520's. Picked mine up in Taiwan for under US$120 and sound great in a tube based second system.
I've got two pair of Boston A-70s in my bedroom sysytem. They're statcked with the top pair upside down to keep the tweeters close. They sound great and the cost of both pair plus some refurbishing, new foam all around, i've got less than $500 in them. I added a HSU sub and well, I like it.
Klipsch Heresys ...

I regret ever selling mine .. you can drive them on an old receiver or a set of Levinson monoblocks and they kick serious tail either way. Play em soft or loud enough to make your ears bleed.

Run them on a small tube amp in a medium sized sound room and you will get one heck of an enjoyable system. The Steely Dan horn section has never quite sounded the same since!

As for MSRP they run a little high but isnt that why we all shop on this site? You can pick up a used pair for $350-500.