Best cheap system I have ever heard

Last week I was at my tech's place picking up 2 amps back from a revision. We started talking 

He showed me an amplifier i was somewhat familiar with. Sold a Philips DFA 888 to a friend, was impressed with the sound

-The Philips FA880

It's an integrated 80 watts into 8 ohms. And has a beautiful blue ring around the volume control. It looks very 80's in a good way. 

He had changed all the caps, it now had some more power then before. All the boards and transistors were cleaned in a infrasonic bath. It looked like new. 

He had some
Mission 702

bookshelf speakers connected to it. He played some Spotify through an old Logitech Squeezebox (transporter I guess). But I was blown away.

Warm sound, but with good rhythm and detail. Damn..... I thought, I could live with this easily.

If you're searching for a new system, if you're on a budget. Look no further. Dang! Great synergy with amp and speakers. I was curious if you hooked up a proper source.......

The reason I post this. Is that I wish I would read more posts such as this. Great synergy between 2nd products. I know it's all objective.

But the more money I spend in this great hobby. I'm beginning too believe less is more.