Best Christmas Album

As the holiday season is coming, it's about time for us to dig out our Christmas album again. What are the best Christmas album that you keep play on and on? Mine are:

- Charlotte Church (the christmas album, one of the best female vocal - Church on her best)
- Ottmar Liebert, angels & poets (a very touching guitar rendetion)
- Josh Groban (agree with a review somewhere which said that the songs seem to be created for him)

What's yours?
Your choice of John Fahey is remarkable. Fahey's playing can transport to the manger itself!
Glad you asked. I have several dozen, and of course they range from Perry Como, Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams etc. plus lots of Orchestral and Choral and some rock (not much). With all of that, my 2 perennial favorites are the Carpenters Christmas Collection, and my number 1 favorite from many years ago now is Glenn Campbell's "That Christmas Feeling". The best Cristmas albums seem to have one thing in common, and that is that the artist has a genuine love and understanding for the songs and the season.
If you like vocalists from the 50's and 60's I suggest The Great sounds of Christmas, sponsored by Goodyear on the Columbia label. They were issued one each year in the 60's, about ten in all, and they are commonly found anyplace where vinyl is sold.
I recall there is a christmas album by Twisted Sister. it's a quite nice rock rendition of classic christmas songs.
A few of my favorites:

Various Artists on Atlantic, "Soul Christmas"
BB King, "The Christmas Collection"
Jerry Jeff Walker, "Christmas Gonzo Style"
Boney James, "Christmas Present" & "Boney's Funky Christmas"
Loreena McKennitt, "A Midwinter Night's Dream