Best Christmas Album

As the holiday season is coming, it's about time for us to dig out our Christmas album again. What are the best Christmas album that you keep play on and on? Mine are:

- Charlotte Church (the christmas album, one of the best female vocal - Church on her best)
- Ottmar Liebert, angels & poets (a very touching guitar rendetion)
- Josh Groban (agree with a review somewhere which said that the songs seem to be created for him)

What's yours?
A little late here, but I just downloaded Charlie Parker & co playing White Christmas in about 1948. Its off a live Savoy set. It really swings!
albeit, a little after-the-fact, my favorite Christmas album is by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. it is entitled, "Christmas at the Brooklyn Tabernacle". this holiday collection is well-worth pursuit, year round --- simply beautiful and sweet music.

you can find it here >>>