Best Circa 90's CDP

Hi friends,

I am looking for a short list of the best CDP from the 90's era. I own a few hundred Redbook CD's that I want to enjoy again. I am very nostalgic about the nineties as that's when I first got into the hobby. 

Thanks for your recommendations in advance. 






I can only recommend from what I’ve had or heard. I’d put the Linn Karak III and Meridian 508 as some of the best.

Are you also nostalgic for burnt-out lasers and failing disc drives?  There are other things like speakers, amps, preamps, etc. you can more safely be nostalgic about from the 90s, but if you’re intent on rolling the dice this one would be among the cream of the crop.  Meridian is another great recommendation.  Good luck with this.