Best Circa 90's CDP

Hi friends,

I am looking for a short list of the best CDP from the 90's era. I own a few hundred Redbook CD's that I want to enjoy again. I am very nostalgic about the nineties as that's when I first got into the hobby. 

Thanks for your recommendations in advance. 






Yes, the Vacuum State modified SCD-1 was considerably more natural sounding than the unmodified SCD-1; it would be a contender for top sound.  I had a Wadia from that period that was also very good.

I have a pioneer Pd 65. Lots of gain in this, or perhaps a mismatch between components. However, great sounding CDP, and looks that kill!

To all recommending or looking to purchase  90’s  Linn models I encourage you to verify the laser can be replaced.  Yes, Linn CD players were some of the best. However, I had (note past tense) an $11k Linn Unidisc 1.1.  Wonderful sounding unit until the laser burnt out.  According to Linn, Linn’s local dealer, and a local repair shop, the laser was custom.  Linn was not supplying lasers.  Linn stated they moved on to streaming devices.  I never explored what custom meant - a modification of an OTS OEM laser or a true custom design.  Regardless, after 10 years of service it was scrap.  I personally will never buy Linn again.  Verify the model you choose has either on OTS OEM laser that can be replaced or if Linn is servicing them.  Perhaps this was unique to the Unidisc 1.1.  

Naim CDi compact disc player.  Was $4000 in 1992.  Built like a tank and sounds great. Need to find a source for the laser mechanism if it fails though, as  Naim no longer stocks them.