Best Class D GaNFET Amp Comparison. Who to invite?

The time has come to put to the people a listening test of some of the better

current "Contenders" in the race for Best Class D GaNFET Sound.


The existing media can not manage such an undertaking for many reasons.

This event will help consumers decide which products best meet their needs.


I have not heard all the players but will suggest these names for inclusion in this comparison.


1. Mola Mola 

2. Atmasphere 

3. AGD

4. Bel Canto

5. NAD

6. ?

7. ?

8. ?


Finale Aavik vs winner of above 


Event will be held either in Seattle or the Bay Area.


We can support about three more brands in this comparison.  

It will be setup as an A/B audience listening event

comparison starting with the two lowest MSRP products.



After the seven A/B comparisons one amp would emerge as the audience favorite.

This winner would then go head to head with the Aavik in the 8th round.


I will plan this for a July-August 2023 event open to the public.


I now open this to further discussion, ideas and suggestions for the last three slots.





Mola, NAD and Bel Canto are not GaN based amps. And because it uses GaNs does not make it the best amp. Everything makes a difference. Then there are modded my modded Peachtree GaN1 digital amp.....which is different from the analog Class D amps. Please, do some research.

Here is a list of really good Class D analog amps:

1. Modded VTV Purifi 700 dual mono with my mods (non GaN).

2. Modded Orchard Audio dual mono biggie with my mods.

3. Stock AGD amps

4. Stock Atmasphere amps.

5. Hypex Nilai dual mono amps with my mods (non GaN)

6. LSA Voyager or Peachtree GaN 400 with my mods.

All above $6K or less. For more money there are the following:

Bigger AGD, Merrill amps, ?


Then there are the digital Class D amps (PowerDACs) that do not need a separate DAC, Preamp or analog this category you have:

Peachtree GaN 1 with my mods

VTV D300 with my mods

Lyngdorf integrated amps (non GaN

Technics integrated amps (getting rave reviews) $2700 and $10K  (little one is non GaN and biggie uses GaN).  Little one does use GaN in power supply.

And now you have the new Mark Levinson company (Daniel Hertz) with their digital amps that may be way out there......their integrated amps start at $8K. (not yet reviewed).  I bet he is using GaN....he does not say.

I think that regular class D is history......and that digital Class D (or power DACs) are the wave of the future. LESS IS MORE!

I would definitely say the HifiRose RA180 is the best sounding class D Ganfet I’ve ever heard.

@jeffseight I can send Ric's modded Peachtree GAN1 but I cannot make it up to either location, working too much. You need a SPDIF streamer and volume control. 

I have a few options at home to do both. 

@tweak1, I am not sure of the significance of your posting of the M.L video, but I can assure you, that listening 1 meter away from the mouth of Coltrane's horn, and  for hours, as he states this experience when he was 16 years old, surprises me that Mark is not deaf by now, and listening this close is not a recommendation I can make. This, from my own experiences. Always, MrD.