Best Component Video Cable for 200 or less?

Would like your recommendation please? Thank you.
Better Cables. I've tried a few and Better Cables is so close to the top of the line Audioquest, it really doesn't make sense to spend more.
I tried several different video component cables of comparably good quality, and honestly didn't find major differences between them. (I'm using the cable to feed signal from my Pioneer Elite DV-37 to a Sony 36" WEGA XBR direct-view TV.)

I make no claims to being an electrical engineer, but based on my reading about component video cables, I've concluded that the crucial factor for good performance from a component video cable is having a solid, 75-ohm rating. Some of the "better" component video cables on the market do not adhere to the 75-ohm rating, so be careful about this.

I bought the component video cable, and have been very satisfied with it. It is manufactured to meet the 75-ohm standard, plus or minus 1.5 ohms. I think the picture quality on my video system is excellent (given that it is not high-def), so the cable apparently performs as advertised. I will also comment that the construction quality of the cable is outstanding. You can certainly spend more (you can also spend less), but the cable is, IMO, an excellent buy. If you are interested in looking at their cable, here is their Web address:

Best regards -- Scott C.
Illuminations V-21.
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ZuCable Megular Component Video Cable. This is an amazing cable, almost like taking a pair of sun glasses off when this cable is installed. Colors are amazingly vivid and true. They have a money back gaurantee if you are not satisfied.
I didn't know Acoustic Zen had Component video, only S-Video.I second the motion of Ton and go with the Zu Cable Megular. They are on auction weekly in Audiogon and Ebay. I just bought one to replace my decent Monster Cable version and the Megular portrays DVD's with much better color, Resolution, and background blackness.
I have had a few and recently ordered a custom BNC component from CatCables ..

hand built, quality and fast ... hard to beat !