Best component video cable under $150?

What are some good quailty component video cables for under $150 (preferably much less if possible). My DVD changer does not have a HDMI output so I need to go component. The audio will be handled via a DH Labs D-75 digital coax cable directly to my AVR.

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Do you have BNC native jacks or RCA? I am going to assume RCA on both ends. I see you have a rear projection LCD. Cables may not make a huge difference. tend to be cost effective. Radio Shack Fusion Gold were good when they made them. They do something cheaper now.,, and make decent stuff as well. Monster tends to be expensive relative to value.
"Silver is a bad idea because it can tarnish very easily and depending on how the wire is terminated could seriously affect how long the cable will maintain optimal performance.

Cinematic_systems, I've been using silver (not silver coated) audio cables for many years without any apparent long term effect. Are you saying there is something to this for video cables? It raises some concern, as I just finished evaluating long component cables and selected Bettercables Silver Serpent Reference over the Bluejeans Belden 7710A. The serpents produced a slightly more detailed picture, and the color was a bit more saturated (without looking cartoony). Is there any real reason to reconsider simply because these are silver coated copper conductors?
"many A'goner's will argue I am on glue and that their is no difference between video cables"

All you have to do is compare two sets of component cables. The difference in picture quality between my Comcast cables and my Monster cables is day and night. The Comcast cables yield a very bright and colorful picture, almost artifical looking compared to my Monster set.
Get some or make your own using Belden 1694A RG6 coax. The Belden will work great for your digital audio connections, too.

This stuff is solid center conductor so it's not super flexible, but for me that's not a problem. Belden makes similar cable with stranded center conductor but the specs are not quite as good. Whether or not you would see or hear a difference, I can't answer.
I tried about 6 different comonent video cables at all price points and experienced little if any differences. Based on this, I concluded that video cables were video cables and they were all the same so why waste money. Then my dealer told me to try the Purist Audio Ferox component video cables. Made a HUGE difference in picture quality. More detail and texture. A year later, I'm still in awe. Try to demo them from the Cable Company in New Hope, PA.