Best Computer Speakers

I spend a lot of time at my computer for business purposes. I've started researching economical but satisfying speakers for my desktop through which I can enjoy streaming music. I've got Amarra sQ and HiFi. I'm thinking perhaps a pair of good powered speakers might be a perfectly good way to go.

I have read a little about Audioengine A2+ speakers. They look quite promising and may be perfect for my needs. Strictly nearfield listening.

Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.

Thank you.
Well it all depends on the size of room, the room you have available at your desk etc. I use some M-Audio BX5 and they're great for me. I didn't wanted to use a subwoofer because I get too much low frequency reflections in my room and it sounds boomy.
Just got my brand new pair of Audioengine 2+'s and am breaking them in. I will report back, but after about 45 minutes of out-of-the-box play, I'm liking them a lot. Customer service so far has been stellar and the packaging/presentation when you open the shipping box is exemplary. Excellent owner's manual- set up is simple and easy.

Audioengine clearly understands that there is but one chance to make a first impression.
Im always confused about what speakers are not only powered but have dacs in them. How do I know out of all these computer speakers which one have to be fed digital or only analog signal?
Lets take Audience 1+1 ...good computer speaker, sounds like a good idea, but how does it get powered? It doesnt have any input for power like some other speakers...
The Audioengine +2 has a built-in DAC and amplifier. I am not familiar with other powered computer speakers.

The Audioengine +2 left speaker has the power supply. This plugs into AC using an adapter which comes with the speakers.

Connecting the USB cord which is packaged with the speakers, from your computer to the left speaker, enables the music to run through the +2's built-in DAC.