Best Computer Speakers

I spend a lot of time at my computer for business purposes. I've started researching economical but satisfying speakers for my desktop through which I can enjoy streaming music. I've got Amarra sQ and HiFi. I'm thinking perhaps a pair of good powered speakers might be a perfectly good way to go.

I have read a little about Audioengine A2+ speakers. They look quite promising and may be perfect for my needs. Strictly nearfield listening.

Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.

Thank you.
Hi Lak:
Thanks for your post. I liked the A2+ initially, and liked them even more after break-in and experimentation with positioning. As good as they sounded for such small speakers, I felt that I wanted a "fuller" sound and when I saw a pair of refurbished A5+ on the Audioengine website, I grabbed 'em.

I should have the A5+ by early next week. In the meantime, I'm looking for a basic DAC. Having wonderful-sounding music as I work at my computer is a joy.
Quick update:
I just received a pair of A5+'s which I've placed on my computer desk and after a few minutes of listening, I'm enjoying the "larger" sound as compared to the A2+, which are also fine speakers IMO.

I agree with Lak that the A5+ are definitely a few steps up from the fine A2+. They provide the "fullness" of sound that I was missing with the A2+. If I roll my chair back my computer "rig" now becomes a quite decent second audio system when my wife is watching movies downstairs. :)

Next I'll need to find a decent DAC but even connected to the headphone jack on my MacPro, so far so good.
After more than 30 days of listening to the Audioengine 5+ I'd like to report that I'm extremely pleased with them. My search for computer speakers has ended happily. They are much more than "good enough" for "serious listening" when my main system is not available if a family member is watching TV or a movie.
After auditioning some Mini-Maggies, and the AE5+, I pulled the trigger on a B&W A7. The Maggies had better sound, but were twice the price and took up much more space. The A7 had a nice combination of Good Sound and Easy Setup. The A7 also sounded much more engaging than the lower cost B&W A5. Hope that helps...