Best Concert DVD

Now that I finally have a pre/pro (Krell Showcase)that does justice to music, I have been snapping up concert dvd's.

Now I'm looking for recommendations. Which concert dvd's do you find exceptionally well done in terms audio and video fidelity? Which ones were the best in terms of the artist's performance?
Various Artist / Best of "Live at W.54 th Street" PBS music series. Great audio tracks covering a wide range of music genres.
Elton John at Madison Square Garden, I think its called 1 night only.
I recently saw something called "G3" for you electric guitar fans. It had either Joe Satriani or Steve Vai or maybe both
No one mentioned Roy Orbison's "Black and White Night". Although its not in color its a stunning concert with many great muscians playing with Roy. The sound is excellent.

Also, Eric Clapton's 24 Nights is very good.
Just finished watching the Dixie Chicks in concert. If you have an interest in C&W, you owe it to yourself to check it out.