Best Concert Film

I never seem to tire of Talking Heads great concert film, "Stop Making Sense". Never ceases to get the adrenaline pumping, the foot taping, and a smile from ear-to-ear. I used to have a VHS tape of it long ago.

Any other nominations for "Best Concert Film" of all time? I couldn't find any threads in the archives on the subject.

The Who "Tommy" concert from LA in 1989,
recently released with their "Tommy and Quadrophenia Live" 3-disk DVD. Video is not so great but performance captures the Who at their best.. "Live in Boston" and "Live at Royal Alberta Hall" are just OK.

Genesis "The Wembley Concert"
documenting their Invisible Touch Tour. Shot in 1986 in HD, sounds great, also captures the band at their peak. The "I can't dance Tour" wasn't that great.

Dire Straits "On The Night"
good sound, video and energy.

Sting "All This Time"
great concert and story behind it (concert prepared to air live on 9/11)

Ditto for James Taylor "Live in Beacon Theatre", U2 "Rattle and Hum"

Thats all I can recall at the moment ...
My favourites (some have been mentioned already)

Eric Clapton - Unplugged
Fleetwood Mac - Dance (I personally prefer it to Live in Boston)
Diana Krall - Live in Paris
Roger Waters - In the Flesh
James Taylor - Live at the Beacon Theatre
Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
Rod Stewart - Live at Royal Albert Hall

I may be missing some, above is what I remember from the top of my head.


Nice to know someone appreciated Calle 54! You should hear the album released on Telarc by Michel Camilo its entitled "Live at the Bluenote". Chances are you already know about this album but thought I'd mention it incase you missed on this gem.
Mind must be going so I am glad someone mentioned "Montery Pop",:Woodstock" (maybe both too obvious).Stop Making senmse makes sense.And as a jazz guy Calle '54 and Buena Vista Social club covered what I hadn't withn Jazz on a Summers day and the ParisReunion Ban (truist me on this one nboys and girls-Joe Henderson,Grachan Moncur etc etc etc it's just Buena and calle added the caliente I had beeen missing,.zMust have eaten bland food thta night.Also the new documrntary of the Syax concert at LA Colloseuk is great with AWESOME music and great Richard Pryor and just movies (vingnettes?) of Watts.A must buy.Check any of these out at and music out at or to say for closing on 70 Paul McCartmey at Red Square is incredible.Hell it would be incredible if he were half his age.
I am not Dave Mathews biggest fan but the "Concert at Central Park" was really good.