best cost no object single unit streamer/dac combo you have ever heard?

I have a Lumin X1 and have a hard time believing it can get much better than this unit.

I've read though other units may in fact smoke this so genuinely curious

brands that I have seen tossed out, Aurender, Playback Designs, and DCS to name a few

combo units only please






I have not heard it for myself, but the unit I would love to try is the Exasound S82 mk II.  I especially like the fact it has a Roon core built in, great streamer, preamp functionality, and purportedly, a killer DAC.  Currently using the HifiRose RS150b.

The Best I’ve owned are my present units.  The Innuos Pulsar Streamer 8K and the Weiss 204 Dac.  Dan Wright ( Modwright) is coming out with a Power Supply for the Weiss Dac which will be 1/3 of the Price that Weiss ( 3300 ) sells the it’s Power Supply for this Dac.  His Power Supply can be customized by Modwright  ( Amps + Voltage ) for use on any unit.

@tave5 Yes, the Weiss DAC204 will benefit from a power supply upgrade.

I use the one linked below. They have different voltage options but one can adjust the unit themselves to any voltage within the specified range (5-24Vdc) with the internal trim pot.

Linar Power Supply