Best cost no object tube phono

Hi Agoners,

just upgraded everything to SS Accuphase, loving it and have no intention to go back to tube pre/power. However, I have to admit that I miss a bit of tube sweetness particularly on mid. What is the best cost no object tube phono stage?

Thanks in advance for any advices
I have loved this hobby for decades and 2 years ago finally got my system to where I feel that the failings do not distract me from the wonder of reproducing music in my home at such a level that I can greatly enjoy the experience. I have every now and then wanted to give something back to others who may benefit from my experience and to share our common passion but have not been looking on and participating on Audiogon for a while. And this thread reminds me of why. One person, a legend in his own mind, comes on and preaches and condemns from on high, with no basis for his self anointed authority, and with so much pointed arrogance and aggression upsetting many.

I believe wholeheartedly in what I have achieved but when communicating one needs to be modest, respectful, open to other's opinions as we can all learn and sometimes realise that there is a better path to travel, and willing to tolerate other opinions - all in the spirit of friendship and sharing in what should be an enjoyable hobby.
Which unfortunately leads me to question why one would post and subject oneself to @rauliruegas .

And just to raise the hackles so that I can hear the screech from on high, I love my Acoustical Systems OMNIGON!
Dear @bluewolf  : Good for you that through your post discharged your  anger against me. No problem.

Look, in all my audio life my main attitude aim to help all kind of audiophiles through what I learned from other audiophiles and through my first hand experiences. 
I have respect for any human been even that gentlemans as you could think the other way around.

I'm truly direct/straigth in what I say trying to help but if  ( example. ) I told you through a post or at your place that an item in the room/system is not up to the task I not only tell you something is wrong but why is wrong and when I listen the other part answer sometimes the one that was wrong was me and when this happens or someone post here that I'm wrong far away to been angry I really appreciated that and ask to him why I'm wrong and this manner I can fix my mistake kearn and improve my audio/music knowledge/skills levels.

I will never told you everything is fine with your system only to be  " frendly " because if I do that way then I'm not helping you but only that attitude goes against you.

No one likes that other person puts his finger where " damage " the more our each one self steem.

About you phono stage unfortunatelly is not a good one and certainly can't justify its price. 
That unit is a copy of a very old French design the (Anzai) SRPP phono preamp, pity for say the least. The gentleman from where you buy/manufacture in that design was a copy-cat.

Never mind, is only for your records. Enjoy it.

C-47 Accuphase. Balanced and single ended inputs. Adjust loading etc. from your listening seat. Its predecessor was the closest device we have measured to a SWWG.

I've never heard the atmasphere phono product (I heard a set of their mono amps decades ago and liked them) but note it also uses balanced inputs. I reckon it is a fully balanced product like the Accuphase.

If you are afraid of RF and EM noise have Benchmark Media make you up a set of their (balanced) cables. Take a look at the video on their site about their cables versus regular cables concerning noise penetration. I'm sure they would work with the atmasphere product also.
Dear friends : Overall there is no single advantage on tube alternative over SS good designs specially with phono stages that's the worst place to use tubes and for very good reasons. 

In the other side the " tale " about those " tick and pop " is just that a tale that can't be proved it happens.

Please read this thread from where I learned why is only a tale/false/misinformation:

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
Dear  rauliruegas;
I am going to answer your attack on Thoress Phono Enhancer & myself;

1. you said Sic *   Thöress is in reality a parametric equalizer with many faults no matters what the owners post in sites as WBF and the like.

This  statement is absolutely wrong ( in fact is total rubbish). it is definitely, Phono Stage with highest calibre , with the facility to    offer  more versatile on-the-fly adjustment of the phono equalization curve. There is 3 rotatory knobs You can leave them in default  (clearly marked) positions to use a standard RIAA equalization and never even touch them. If you want to change the sound using this facility, you would not degrade the sound , as, it is using a net of resistors ( in this case the ultimate resistors AN TANT SILVER)  & at any balance or adjustment , only 3 resistors , which , is the same for the standard RIAA.

2. A.  * Sic* Audio Note silver parts are not guarantee of anything about quality level performance.

I agree with this statement. 

   B. * Sic*  but only a " candies " for poor knowledge level people, same of those " paper on oil " caps that were used in the radios 70 years ago and the Tantalum named. All those are a kind of BS marketing and nothing else

I found this statement to be a rather general & only come out from people with big mouth  & lack finesse in sharing thoughts & opinion . in my view , it is total BS.

3. * Sic*  About the silver wire I can tell you that in my system all the electronics external power wires connected to the electrical source are KCAG by Kimber Kable. I’m not talking inside the electronics but the power cable

So, It is okay for you to use Silver Power cables & in this case you are right. Or you are suggesting that silver is only for power cables. I do not know what , I can say. But words like hypocrisy & / or BS.

4. *Sic*  """ you must have a valve or tube in the signal ( in at least one component) to get this beautiful sound """

This is actually not only my opinion, but, opinion of some of the best known names in Audiophile Community e.g, Mike Freeman, has the same opinion

 *Sic* Which beautiful sound?

I am not going to waste your time & mine on this subject. However in short a beautiful or good or fantastic sound , whatever , adjective you like to use, is the sound , which , meet the needs of the listener.

5. *Sic*  First mistake in the unit you are talking about is that is not a true balanced design but single ended

Wow, what you are talking about here. Some of the best sounds are only single ended e.g, Audio note. Balanced or single ended depend on the design , its execution , including the parts .
This sweeping statement , usually mean... 

6. *Sic*  All what you posted is only bla,bla, bla. and we music lover/audiophiles needs some facts so where are the specs at least of the inverse RIAA eq. deviation and noise levels as frequency response.

The product is not fully built yet ( only few weeks for final version) . Prototype , with the basic components sounded Fantastic. the specs will be available , I expect after the final production.

7.  *Sic* Certainly something wrong with its other designs because in the new one decided for hybrid one.

Thoress Phono Enhance is Hybrid Design from the beginning.
MK1, MK2 MK3 & the new Silver Signature are all Hybrid Design. Please, check your facts , before attack.

8.  *Sic* 75K for that equalizer? come on and ve serious.

Well , you are right to question this price. However, the cost of any finished audio component , which is not a mass production, involve the price of design, components, manufacturing costs ...etc. if the cost of components is 1000US$ , it usually , translate to 8 to 10 K, RRP
The Price of resistors & Silver Caps is more than 25,000 plus US$. still ,all silver wires . all phono input ( 11 pair ) pure silver.
8 StillPoins Ultra 6 ( in Germany , they Cost more than 10000 US $. please, do the Math

9. *Sic*  Btw, do you read the FM Acoustics link I posted ? if not do it you a favor and do it and please download its data sheet at the end of the link pages. We all need to learn, including me.

I agree,  We all need to learn, including you

FM is a brilliant Company with , long history of excellence.
I listened always to FM System in Munich Hi Fi Show, 2018 & 2019 ( Marriott hotel) 7 although it sounded good, I preferred my own system. I know it can sound better , as many Hi fi Shows do not produce the best sound. please , see , the thread in this discussion by syntax2. *SIC*  I got a invitation from an Audiophile to listen to his FM Acoustics System... 223 Phono, the biggest preamp and FM mono amps linked to Grand Utopia Speakers. Turntable was Techdas AF1, Graham and Techdas Cart.
It was not a pleasure to listen to. Very analytic, aggressive, pale ....far away from a real thing reproduction. But each his own .
I am sure, it might sound better if he uses  KCAG by Kimber Kable as power cable
Enough said