Best custom photo acoustic panels

My wife wants some family photos in the living room. I think the room needs some acoustic panels. Luckily I know that some companies offer custom panels with a photo you upload to them. Anybody have experience with this type of application and recommend a particular company over the others? Any bad experiences out there where the photo came out not looking like you’d hoped for? I have very little experience with acoustic treatments and honestly don’t know where to start. 

family room is open to kitchen. ~13x18 not including the kitchen (13x24ish). Living room portion has vaulted ceiling sloped only on one side with the peak at ~18ft…kitchen portion ceiling is 9ft. Two large doors/windows on one side of the long wall. Currently wife doesn’t want curtains on that wall. TV and speakers on the short wall far end from kitchen with built-in cabinets. Current speakers are B&W 685 s2’s, which are front-ported but also likely target for a future upgrade. Naim Uniti Star for amplification that unfortunately doesn’t offer room correction. So how much total area should I start with? I can put one between the two windows/doors and several on the wall across from that one. Thoughts, questions, and recommendations appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


I guess the same can be done with $000,000,000 old masters.

Who will be the first to have art in the listening room worth more than100 times the cost of the system?

Thanks a lot, everybody. I knew this forum wouldn’t let me down. Will check out a few of those sites/companies. The one I initially found didn’t have a preview so I was a little worried about the fit along with the pixilation issue some of you noted. Perhaps several smaller ones as opposed to one large for the biggest wall would have some advantages. My main concern is dialogue intelligibility…it seems like some shows the “background” noise seems to almost drown out or muddy the dialogue…others not quite so bad so maybe it’s more an issue with the sound engineering of the particular show. Nearing the end of a remodel for that room so tough to know for sure until things are back in place and the sound is truly at a stable baseline. Regardless, family photos and acoustic treatment is 2 birds with 1 stone so I like the idea and will update my system page with photos and link it here whenever they’re here.