Best DAC / Budget

I think this is a gain issue between my analog and digital sides - but I just don't know enough
I hit a wall with the digital side yesterday
I generally listen on the lower side of listening levels
Yesterday I came home and decided to see what this rig could do and put it through it's paces on both the analog and digital side.
I'm playing vinyl on a Nottingham 294 space deck with a 12" tone arm and a Lyra Delos cart - through a EAR 843 tube phono stage - line input on a Rogue Cronus Mark I - KT120 tubes - bypassing the Rogue phono stage.  It sounds just completely glorious. I'm very happy with it.
Digital is a different problem. I've always understood this gear was meant as place holders - they got the ball rolling.
I'm streaming from Tidal, through a Pro-Ject Stream Box Ultra 2 (ethernet cat 6 hard wired to a router), through  a gifted Schitt Mano 2 DAC.

The Problem:
Analog completely surpasses the digital in every way
Digital - turning up the volume (to very high levels) only seems to result in filling in the low register and not actually increasing the volume.
I'm fully aware I am comparing a DAC to a Deck which costs many times more.

Looking for recommendations for a separate stand alone DAC which complements the analog side and for an idea of budget.
Thanks everyone

Denafrips Ares II , superb R2R DAC, superb musical dac that just makes me want to listen all day long. 
The Schiit Modi is a very low cost DAC. I have a Modi3, and its excellent - for $99.  I'll come out and say though, that unless you only play audiophle records, even the lowly Modi2 ought to regularly equal your phono, or something's wrong.  In the real world - the remastered versions of old favourites that are everywhere on tidal in MQA generally kick the butt of any original vinyl recording.

Yes, the BiFrost Multibit is much better, at 6X the price. The Denefrips Ares 2, IMO, is better stil, much really, and can sound superb - but is not the most detailed out there.  Yet the better the other equipment the better it can sound - always a good thing.
Few of us have heard all the DACs out there. Since i do contract design, i get to play with lots of different piece parts though, and see a lot of "ideas" most of which are the datasheet for the chip, with a different logo. Not impressed.
Get a bunch of ideas - don't take my world or anyone eles as more than that, and find  away to listen in environments that either you can control or at least know well. Bring your Modi and compare back and forth with levels matched.  What do you hear? Can't tell? then it doesn;t matter now does it?

It’s entirely possible the digital music is not  mastered very well. Try an SACD or DSD file and compare. Better yet, something you have from the 70-80’s that’s well done on both vinyl and digital (Love over Gold or Aja?). 
A lot of early CD were terribly mastered and a lot of newer pop is heavily compressed due to the “loudness wars”. 
Vinyl has worse SNR and headroom than digital... it’s not even close. Thing is, is that restriction in the medium forces the recording engineer and master to be really really good... 
I’ve got an MHDT Orchid tube DAC and absolutely love it. I’ve got it coupled with a BAT VK-6i tube preamp and VK-600 solid state beast of an amp. The Orchid only costs $1,200. 6Moons has an excellent review that holds true to my experience. I would also talk to Linear Tube Audio. They are a reseller of MHDT and Nicholas is very helpful in answering any questions you might have. For me, it came down to the Orchid or the Pagoda balanced (~$2,600). If you’re willing to spend the extra coin Pagoda balanced is a great choice.
A little above your budget ($3500 with PSU) but I feel a VERY analog sound
Exogal Comet.  I searched for a DAC with more analog sound and found this very satisfying.  Well built.

My two cents