Best DAC for SONY SCD XA5400es

Looking for recommendation as to which DAC would pair best with my SONY SCD XA5400es CD player.  I want to use SPDIF coax output to the DAC.  The rest of my system is McIntosh MA7000 integrated and B&W 802Diamonds.  I am not looking for preamp function in the DAC.  Price range $2-3k.  How would Benchmark DAC 3 B sound?

mahler1231,259 posts05-03-2020 12:44pmThe Sony can also output DSD over HDMI.  If you have a DAC that has an HDMI input, then you are getting DSD.  For that reason I recommend the Bryston DAC3.

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05-06-2020 2:32pmSo I decided to try the latest Bryston DAC - BDA-3 and ordered it yesterday.  Just curious to see if/how the HDMI output will work. Thanks for your suggestions.


Did you have any successes in playing DSD from the Sony player to the DAC using the HDMI connection?

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Sorry to be a wet blanket, I remember this Sony player we had the full ModWright version including a few other players in a shoot out . It was chosen because of the seemingly very popular online appeal with references as a giant killer .

Others we had on had the entry level EMM Labs player , mid line CEC transport and entry level Esoteric player.

The self noise of the Sony was horrendous with a capital H and quickly topped as the worst out of the others we had on hand .  Though using quality footers helped with the cold digital glare the Sony almost sounded like a totally different player the footers helped over tube swaps including trying different interconnects and power cords , footers helped a lot under this player and power supply.
In the end we couldn’t figure why this player has such online popularity and was referred to as a giant killer...