Best DAC’S $5k to $15k

I have Chord Mscaler and TT2 and it’s very good. I’ve been considering the DAVE. Any recommendations? 


You should try the Wyred4sound 10th anniversary DAC, one of the reviewers put it up against his VPI turntable with a $5,000 Japanese cartridge and he said that the 10th anniversary DAC sounded every bit as analog, on that review I bought it and I totally agree one of the most analog DACS I've had in my system, and they also give you a 30-day trial period if you don't like it you can send them back and get your money back I don't think you will if you try it.

We are so close to Munich HiFi 2024. You might want to wait and see what new DAC might be released during that show.

My two cents:  I tried the TT2 (without the M-Scaler) vs the T+A DAC 200 in my system and preferred the T+A.  The Chord was a bit lean in comparison.  The Dave and Tambaqui are obviously on another level price-wise and I'm sure performance-wise.

Depends on what sound you are looking for of course. I personally prefer the sound  of R2R ladder DACs, and the Denafrips Terminator Plus 12th is the best out there. All the traits you want from a game changing DAC, but with a more “analog” prest