Best DAC’S $5k to $15k

I have Chord Mscaler and TT2 and it’s very good. I’ve been considering the DAVE. Any recommendations? 


Depends on what sound you are looking for of course. I personally prefer the sound  of R2R ladder DACs, and the Denafrips Terminator Plus 12th is the best out there. All the traits you want from a game changing DAC, but with a more “analog” prest

My pal with his end kit prefers his Holo May KTE DAC to his combo Chord Dave and M-Scaler, the latter of which he sold and is extremely happy with the upgrade.  Don Sachs is ecstatic with the sound of his Lampizator DAC, as close as you can get to analogue SQ in the digital realm.  The Lampi's I have heard at audio shows have been astonishing.

I have heard many within the last 2 years the T+A

200 dac retail $6200 can meet or beat Any dac up to $15k

Or more ,read reviews then get a demo ,many dealers will send you 

One to buy before you buy.