Best DAC’S $5k to $15k

I have Chord Mscaler and TT2 and it’s very good. I’ve been considering the DAVE. Any recommendations? 


I have heard many within the last 2 years the T+A

200 dac retail $6200 can meet or beat Any dac up to $15k

Or more ,read reviews then get a demo ,many dealers will send you 

One to buy before you buy.


-2.6 Ferrum Wandla - HR competes w 10k DACs

+1.2 HYPSOS power supply

3.0 Musician Aquarius - sounds like a $5k DAC

4.3 Denafrips Terminator [BNC in, XLR out](But USB in best per AudioBacon)

4.5 Wired4Sound DAC-2v2SE

-5.0 Audio-GD R7HE MK2

5.6 Kitsune Hifi May-KTE.

*6.6 Lampizator Baltic 4 (punches way above price point- beats KTE).

-6.8 Bel Canto Ex1 DAC (Transparent)

-7.1 T+A DAC200

7.3 Lampizator Golden Atlantic TRP,


8.0 Legacy Wavelet II processor +$200 custom speaker

10.5 Meitner’s MA 3.

12.0 Mojo Mystique Pro (max 24/192)

*12.0 Rockna Wavedream EditionSignature DAC balanced

-13.4 Mola Mola’s Tambaqui

15.0 APL Hi-FI DSD-SR mk2 (most analog, unique sound)

I picked up the streamer+DAC Linn Klimax DSM/2 w Organik DAC card upgrade because it seemed like a sonic bargain compared to the best DACs.