Best DAC’S $5k to $15k

I have Chord Mscaler and TT2 and it’s very good. I’ve been considering the DAVE. Any recommendations? 


I have a Canor DAC 2.10 and for $4K it’s awfully good. May not compete with some DACs over $10K but for anything under it’s a must listen. I really liked the Weiss DAC 204 as well but the Canor was a better match with the rest of my system. Just my opinion...

I sold my $20,950 Bartok Apex, bought a $15,000 Ayre QX-5 Twenty (full, ethernet and usb options) and couldn't be happier. The QX-5 is better in every way. It's an easy choice. The timbre(transient information) and bass coming out of the QX-5 is exceptional - with Bartok Apex, not so much. The Ayre L5xe, "Ayre Conditioner," is a power product which makes a huge difference to relax the highs and add weight and extension to the bass. The QX-5/L5xe combo is the most analog sounding streamer I've heard. It makes me think I'm listening to records. The QX-5 should cost 2-3x as much comparing it to Bartok Apex. It's that much better. Cheers!

Nice seeing folks write checks with their ears instead of egos. Don’t have to spend $15k for a really great sounding DAC, how is the rest of your digital chain??

As @coleyounger1896 points out, it’s your whole chain including your speakers.  If you can audition, audition or you can wind up throwing good money on what can sound terrible in your chain. I’m fortunate to own 3 for different purposes. A DMP 6 Master paired with a Woo Audio WA7, a Mytek BB II paired with Mc MHA 200 and a Meitner MA3 on my main paired with Mc and Sopra’s, yes cabling matters. I’ve sold other dacs that sounded thin, not warm, were bright, and those that were bland.  While I took a little bit of loss selling those streamers or dacs / combos lesson learned was @coleyounger1896 stated; it has to play nice with the other toys in your playground or you will have regrets. Costly ones if you can’t unload it on the secondary or trade in market.  Good luck on your search. 

I'm the OP I've gotten plenty of good suggestions . I'm going to bow out of the discussion at this point, but feel free to carry on.