Best Debut Albums

Just saw that it was 50 years ago that Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced was released. Being 61 remember it's release well. One of the great debut albums. Would like to hear what are your favorite first albums from a group or solo artist. A few of mine are;
The Doors - The Doors
The Cars - The Cars
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pronounced  
Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac
Oscar Brown Jr. - Sin and Soul
Janis Joplin - Cheap Thrills
Thelonious Monk - Genius of Modern Music
The Band - Music from Big Pink
1) Carole King - Writer (1970) was her debut album... not Tapestry (1971)
2) Cheap Thrills (1968) is by Big Brother and the Holding Company... not Janis Joplin.  Also it's not their debut album. They had an album out in 1967 called Big Brother and the Holding Company.
3) Pet Sounds came out in May, 1966.