Best Dedicated Streamer

I have a Canary KD-2000 DAC and seek a high end digital streamer to feed it with. I don’t need an integrated unit with a DAC built in nor do I need or want a CD transport in the streamer.

What manufacturers and products should I consider? I would much prefer to buy US made.

Thank you.


@fuzztone what about the Bel Canto E Stream? It is made in the US. 

Simaudio has the Mid 2 player but that is Canadian so  does North America count? 

Personally I have tried very good streamers and in my home not worth $5k+

since I have a very advanced dedicated line using awg10 Copper wire Pure silver contacts 30 amp line on a separate copper buzz bar ,and 2 inch silver plated grounding Rod .  It made a night and day difference in inner detail and black back ground  .little green computer with linear power supply using SS  drives .

over $4k i digital cables ,I have a uptone ether regen which is very respectable .

the synergistic research Ethernet hub is the best I have tried for streaming .

itretailsover $2k I can get $20 % off that , the Denafrips Terminator + I am buying soon it’s the best dac under $12k I have tried and this includes the chord Dave ,

land Holo springs may KTE  within the last 6 weeks . In NewEngland we have a nice multi state Audiophiles that we visit and share .i owned a Audio store until 2010 .i have learned many ways to get great results for much less monies  then many $$ audio systems.

You should look at the streamers from wolf audio .

Made in America .

I have been using them for over 2 yrs and chose them over the lumin and aurender 

I would agree with @newtoncr that you should consider or research the Wolf Audio Systems Alpha 3SX or Red Wolf.  I have had my Alpha 3SX for 3 years - Stereophile Class A. 

+1 on the Sonore products from Small Green Computer and the recommendation to put some effort to optimizing the home network

If you can come off your network switch via fiber instead of cat6 is a road less traveled but has some distinct advantages that will result in improved SQ