I hope this thread would be a more guidance for audiophiles who are searching the over $1.000 digital AES/EBU cables for their system(s) as there is so much information available about low cost cables.
As there is no a one right reference cable for all, I hope that this is not thread where audiophiles just say "best of bests" or "best ever", but give comprehensive findings / experiences of their current reference cable vs. other AES/EBU cables used in their system.

It would be good start comparison between following cables:
1) MIT Oracle MA-X Digital
2) Stealth Varidig Sextet
3) Kubala-Sosna Emotion
4) ASI Liveline
5) Transparent Reference
6) Audio Nirvana Transmission

I hope that this thread will be helpful as we share the same passion.
I agree with what Neal said about the Stealth Sextet cable. I went through a very massive auditioning of highly regarded digital cables and found nothing better then the Sextet. For details take a look at my review here on the GON on this cable.
I know that there is a good cables available at low and medium priced category (tested over 20 cables in past year), but can you say that there is no better cable in higher priced category...

Sorry, but there is better cables existing in higher priced category, but it depends who is willing to pay the price... I do ..., but as said at the beginning thread that I wanted to include these six cables, which are over $1.000,00 and rated high in many audiophile communities (Asia, Europe and USA) as the best cables over $1000 category.

Sidssp, you can think that its not worth of paying higher price, but the reality has shown otherwise to achieve the maximum results ...of course depends on your system does not make sense to put $5.000,00 cable to same priced system ...and I know that e.g. some cheaper cables beats e.g. Nordost AES/EBU ..BUT as Neal stated about his experience and the Varidig Sextet, I strongly agree with Neal that Sextet is a strong AES/EBU, but is it the best?!

...And newcomer ASI Liveline along with Kubala-Sosna Emotion are interesting and I have not had change to test them yet, but in next month I will have chance to test these cables ...and would like to hear audiophiles experiences...
Like said, this is thread to share experiences / information that provide support / guidance audiophiles when starting look around a new AES/EBU cables...
And I think I am not the only one who is ready to pay higher price, if needed achieve the best sound out of my system and real-sounding system... Even I am a very happy and satisfied ...But I still continue searching the better ...ultimate perfection ...sound that I have not yet hear ;=)
...This is not cheapest hobby and everybody does not have chance to out cable (though I have), but its all about team spirit and support inside audiophile community...
You have a great cable no doubt as Sextet is at least a one of the best cables available, but before I will buy a new cable I would like to hear are there similar view as I have about these cables.
Would it be too much trouble for you to give a deeper view to those cables you tested?
Which cables you went thru and what are the strengths of Sextet vs. those other cables ...And was there any other cable that you could recommend otr consider e.g. recommendations to the bright, neutral and warm (tube) sounding systems...
I know that sextet works with warm and neutral sounded systems, but how about those other cables you tried? Have you had a chance to try e.g. MIT Oracle MA-X or other cables listed in here? MIT is only that I have not chance to get for the test...
Audio Nirvana, Sextet and Transparent I have tested and as mentioned testing continues on next month with Kubala and ASI...
- Ilkka -
I have owned the Sextet (carbon fiber connectors) and currently own the Kubala Sosna Emotion, both 1.5m and balanced. Both are excellent cables, I wouldn't hesitate to use either long term.
The Kubala is very smooth and may not have the very best bass.
So choice would depend on application.
As always: YMMV
My search hasn't been as exhaustive as some of the others in this thread, but I have found the Argento cables very good. Their SMR sounds great in my system (sorry my systems page is pretty out of date for those checking).