I hope this thread would be a more guidance for audiophiles who are searching the over $1.000 digital AES/EBU cables for their system(s) as there is so much information available about low cost cables.
As there is no a one right reference cable for all, I hope that this is not thread where audiophiles just say "best of bests" or "best ever", but give comprehensive findings / experiences of their current reference cable vs. other AES/EBU cables used in their system.

It would be good start comparison between following cables:
1) MIT Oracle MA-X Digital
2) Stealth Varidig Sextet
3) Kubala-Sosna Emotion
4) ASI Liveline
5) Transparent Reference
6) Audio Nirvana Transmission

I hope that this thread will be helpful as we share the same passion.
Since this thread has come back I will complicate it some more. A good friend of mine has an Acoustic Revive DISX and loves it. He also has the MA-X which I believe he likes better but it's very very close according to his reports. He modified the DISX adding a battery power supply so that matters too.
DISX goes for 1k and 1.5K for PS?

I need Spdif and looking at the MIT MA-X. I guess the MIT is one of the top Digital cables going.

Would love to know if the ASI can run with the MIT.
We have not executed our tests yet.

the Hi-Fi Expo is coming up in Helsinki ...So it will take a some extra time before this review is done / wrapped up.
I will get back when this is done. Test will cover up the most of these cables mentioned in here and there is need for break-in period.

Glory, if you are considering the S/PDIF cable, I would recommend either MIT or Sextet, depending on your system.
What I have heard from people is that ASI Liveline is stronger contender with AES/EBU than S/PDIF connection.

MIT makes great cables, but their customer service "Suc...s" as they do not even bother to answer some technical questions ...related to jitter and quarter wave length issues as there is different implementation techniques which can have a some level impact.

Especially jitter has a big impact to the sound quality.
Down to Teo Audio STD/ MIT MA-X or the Harmonic Photon digital Spdif cables.

Running Lampizator T/D. Into ASR Emitter 1.

Any help?