best digital set up 2006

After looking at so many posts that are old let's start fresh. There has been so many improvements in the recent years that I imagine that yesteryear products no longer can compete with what's new. What are the best players or dac / transport combos today. Regardless of price, this way no matter what your price point something can be found for all budgets. Ideally I want the best possible playback for under $2000. used.
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Save yourself some space and grief with transport-to-DAC cabling. Try an NAD Master Series M55 Universal player. $1800 new and it's really that good. Redbook sound is way beyond its price range, SACD is what you would expect, DVD-Audio is remarkable. This unit is a new standard under $5,000.

For the best, especially under $2000. Forget about any transport. Start with a hard drive, cd players are for cars. It took a long time for people to get rid of their tape decks and switch to cd players. The same thing is going on with cd players v.s. hard drives.