Best Digital USB cables under $ 300.00 ??

Hello to all:

I am seeking a digital USB cable under $300 that is a balanced and high performer

for the money.  I appreciate any recommendations, and also specifics as to why you recommend a particular cable.  The cable must be available with a USB-C

connector on one end.

Many Thanks!!!



Hey @fastcat95 , are you looking for a usb-c on the sending side (from computer) or receiving side (into dac)? Also, how long of a cable are you requiring at still being under $300? Are you able to save a little extra if the cable is THAT much better than the rest? Most quality usb cables for audio come in a usb-A for sending (computer side) and usb-B for receiving (dac side) but I know you could use the iFi usb devices (iPurifer and iSilencer) to adapt those into usb-c at either side AND get some extra performance. The main thing would be if you’re able and willing to push your budget up a little bit for the RIGHT cable. I’ve tested a few in this range, and the Hapa Ember beats the pants off of them for sound quality in almost every category. Problem is, a 0.5m cable by itself is the top end of your budget, but if you add the iFi devices it puts that option just above budget unless you can pick one up used. I know it’s worth it though.

Hapa Ember USB

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